Xizhou Township Farmers Association Black Rice Ying Peel Tea

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Xizhou TownshipFarmers Association

       Black Rice Ying Peel Tea

      Between the black rice and the ricehusk, there is a layer of material called 〝 果, which is rich inanthocyanins, vitamins A/B/E, folic acid and calcium, iron, zinc, selenium,magnesium and other trace elements. It is made of black rice Ying fruit teabags, convenient for brewing drinking, and ingesting its precious ingredients.


Ying Peel Tea Tips:

     1. I'm made of natural black rice, so I don't add artificial colors and spices!

     2. This tea contains rich water-soluble antioxidants anthocyanins, sugar-freehigh-speed iron, nutritious high!

     3. This tea contains trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium,magnesium, iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, and dietary fiber!

     4. The black rice is used to obtain caryopsis, which is difficult to obtainthrough multiple working procedures and retains complete nutrition and the mostprecious anthocyanin!

     5. Natural anthocyanin is the most suitable for cell phone heads, long-termusers of 3C products and Maggie's friends who read books!


   Ingredients: Peel, seed coat, aleuronelayer. Weight: 4 grams per pack.

     Brewing method: put the tea bag into 100cc hot water, can be washed back 2 or 3times.

     Preservation: Please keep in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

     Shelf life: one year Origin: Taiwan

Nutrition Indicators:100 ml each

  Heat 1.0 Kcal1.0 Kcal

  Protein 0.0grams 0.0 grams

  Fat 0.0 grams0.0 grams

  Saturated fat 0.0 grams 0.0 grams

   Transfat 0.0 grams 0.0 grams

  Carbohydrates0.3 grams 0.3 grams

   Sugar0.0 grams 0.0 grams

  Sodium 0.0 mg0.0 g


Product FOB price USD$15.0 yuan per box 20packets per box (1) Order 300 boxes of US$15.0 yuan per box (2) Order 500 boxesof US$ 13.50 yuan per box (3) Order 1,000 boxes of US$12.0 yuan per box (4)Order 3,000 boxes per box US$ 10.50 yuan (5) Order 5,000 boxes of US$9.0 yuanper box.

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