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  • Feature:Handmade
  • use:Bath Soap

Key Features

AsahiWatch  Company Tianxiang auspicious soap

    The handmade soap is based on 8% of theingredients of St. Tzu Tien Hsiang. The other part is based on the natural soapbase without any chemical composition. It can be washed from the head to thefeet as required. After moistening the positive energy to bring good luck, itis named "Tianxiang auspicious handmade soap."


    The meaning of the poem The Virgin ofHeaven The blessing of pilgrims and fishermen Guangguang, in addition to thefishermen, is also the patron saint of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait,the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, Correspondent, by itsblessing home industry Xing;】 【Mary of the Sky descending light so that the sufferingof the sea, but also because of its blessing let hysteria, bathing its grace andjoy, and this formula is more in the meditation in its decline.


Ingredients:Pipa, cocklebur, Millettia, Ligustrum lucidum, Artemisia japonica, Chuanxiong,Taomu, Lemongrass, Scrophulariaceae, tree orchids, cumin, Jojoba, incense,sandalwood superovulation, Gui Zhi, Cnidium, Pomegranate, Motherwort, Teaspoon , Acanthopanaxsenticosus, Cattle seven, Uncaria, Chuanxiong, stone gourd, Curcuma, LinTenggen, Polygonum cuspidatum, Water eggplant, willow branches, mountaingardenia, incense, Tribulus terrestris, plantain and other components.


Features:Honor, worship ancestors, Meridian incense therapy, meditation and improvefamily fortune.


Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, fragrant Jojoba Barbarum,sandalwood oil, Scrophulariaceae, cassia twig, Curcuma and other components.

Uses:Wash Yan / bath cleaning, suitable for all skin types

Usage:After rubbing, add water to the skin and rinse with water

Save:Please put in a cool dry place

Dateof manufacture: marked on the box Shelf life: three years

Note:If there is skin discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately


Tianxiang Auspicious Soap 100g Market Price USD $ 6.67 RMB 44.4 (1) Order 100 boxes percarton USD $ 6.67 CNY 44.4 (2) Order up to 300 cartons USD $ 6.0 CNY 40.0 (3)Order Up to 500 cartons USD $ 5.34 RMB 35.5 (4) Order up to 1,000 cartons USD $4.67 $ 31.1 (5) Order up to 3,000 cartons USD $ 4.0 RMB 26.6 (6) Order up to5,000 Box USD $ 3.34 per box RMB22.2 (7) Order up to 10,000 boxes per box USD $2.67 RMB17.8 (8) Order up to 30,000 boxes USD $ 2.34 per box RMB15.6.


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