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  Lishan Oolong Tea 150g + Alishan Jin XuanBlack Tea 75g + Jia Long Long Tea 150g + cannery Lin Peasant Hong tea 100g+Dragon Tiger and Gan tea bath package 12 gx5 + heart heart foam foot package12gx5 + Fu Mi 300g bag + Tianxiang auspicious soap 100g a box     Each group of market price NT $ 3,999 yuanRMB 888 yuan USD $ 133.3 yuan.


     Lishan Oolong Tea is international lyrenowned in Taiwan Diverse Tea Products. Alishan Jinxuan Black Tea is Taiwan' smost famous international black tea, and Jia Ye Long Tea is another uniquere presentative of health tea. By the definite brewing tea; tea bath is extendedfrom the history of the Three Kingdoms era of enjoyment, Long Tiger crape teabath package is not to be missed options; Selected good tea with herbs herbal energy foot package, Dan heart foam foot package is worth buying Products;fresh and elegant entrance, delicate texture, soft shells, sweet chewing when the sweet back to Taiwan, No. 194 Fu meter is not to buy regret rice products;bath to enjoy natural soap Tianxiang auspicious soap is worth buying bath products.



(1) Order Quantity 1 ~ 50 boxes per box NT $3,999 yuan RMB 888 yuan USD $ 133.3 yuan.(2) order quantity 51 ~ 100 boxes perbox NT $ 3,599 yuan RMB 799.8 yuan USD $ 119.97 yuan.

(3)Order Quantity 101 ~ 300 boxes per box NT $ 3,199 yuan RMB 710.9 yuan USD $ 106.64yuan.

(4)Order Quantity 301 ~ 500 boxes NT $ 2,799 per box RMB 622. USD USD $ 93.31 yuan.(5)Order Quantity 501 ~ 1,000 boxes Each box

NT$2,399 yuan RMB 533.2 yuan USD $ 79.98 yuan. 

(6) Order Quantity 1,001 ~ 3,000boxes Each box NT $ 2,199 yuan RMB 488.8 yuan USD $ 73.32 yuan.

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