Taiwan flavor biscuits - pineapple cakes & nugul sugar

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Taiwanflavor biscuits - pineapple cakes

     Pineapple cake (Pineapple cake) isTaiwan's famous snacks, pineapple cakes main raw materials for the flour,butter, sugar, eggs, melon sauce (also available pure pineapple [1] or melonmixed pineapple production). Crisp skin, soft stuffing inside To the melonstuffing production of pineapple cakes with vegetables, melon crisp taste, alsoknown as melon crisp [2]; to melon stuffing mixed pineapple stuffing pineapplepear with pineapple sweet, or called melon pineapple cakes; made of purepineapple Of the pineapple cakes, its high acidity, also known as soilpineapple cakes. Because the pineapple Taiwanese homonyms for the"wang", with auspicious meaning, and melon has "goodwinter" and sweet honey meaning, with festive meaning [3], often as afestivals One of the best companions of a friend or friend.

 Earlypineapple crisp mostly melon crisp, its dense Q bomb stuffed for the melonsauce made, named for its Taiwanese homophonic "Wang Lai" [4], but ifyou want to name back to the melon crisp, not only no good to crisp, It is hardto accept the people who have long been accepted. In recent years, manybusinesses have changed to pure pineapple production stuffing. Taiwan melon isthe early and modern Taiwan farmers rice paddy crop cropping during therotation of agricultural products [5], so all over the place of rice in Taiwan,almost melon cultivation, rich production, one of Taiwan's bulk vegetables, rawmaterials made easy and economic Affordable, so that rice farmers to createadditional income, so the use of melon as food raw materials can also reflectthe history of Taiwan's agricultural land and food processing background.

 Othercharacteristics of Taiwan flavor biscuits nougat, sun cake, cream cake,vegetable bread, horseradish cake, winter bamboo shoots, tea cake, sweet potatocrisp, bamboo charcoal handmade cake, box crisp, pumpkin crisp, peanut crispand so on.

ProductFOB offer pineapple crisp 280G * 20 box into the storage period of 1 year,(1)order 600 boxes per box US $ 5.0 (2) order 1,500 boxes per box US $ 4.34 (3)order 3,000 boxes per box US $ 3.67 yuan.

  Taiwanese biscuits

< 1 >nougat (English / French: nougat), Hong Kong known as "bird sugar",Macau called "Niejiao Sugar", is spread from Europe and the UnitedStates to a candy. The nougat is directly translated from the word"Nougat", so it is also known as "nugul sugar" or similarpronunciation, in 1441 by the Italian Cremona invented. In a local aristocraticwedding party, the couple received a candy made of honey, almonds and protein,representing peace, sweet and eternal. About 1441 invented by the ItalianCremona. In a local aristocratic wedding, the couple received a candy made ofhoney, almonds and protein.

BovineSugar This candy is spread to Taiwan and is added to milk powder as the mainingredient, plus sugar, cream, and protein (and the use of high-purity wheyprotein extracted from milk to replace less expensive proteins and (Such aspeanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachio or hazelnuts), dried fruits and petals(such as cranberry, golden grapefruit, mango, orange, longan, Sweet-scentedosmanthus, etc.) and other mixed confectionery made as a secondary rawmaterial, a Taiwan-style nougat unique characteristics. Compared to desktopnougat, French European nougat is not any milk or milk ingredients, purely onlyin the protein by adding sugar or honey and then sprinkle with almonds or nutsand made. In addition, some manufacturers in order not to do a good nap sugardeformation, will be wrapped with edible rice paper, but how much will affectthe taste, so all kinds of choices vary from person to person.

 ProductFOB offer original flavor nougat, green tea nougat sugar 170G * 15 cans, theshelf life of 7 months,

(1)Order 900 cans US $ 4.0 per tank (2) Order 1,500 cans US $ 3.34 per tank (3)Order 3,000 cans US $ 3.0 per tank.

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