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 Sandalwood broken wood  

    Therole of sandalwood Calm, cold and pain relief: for cold and Qi stagnationcaused by chest and abdomen pain and stomach pain, vomiting water and othercards. In recent years with Qi stagnation of blood stasis, angina pectoriseffective. Sandalwood has a very good anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,aphrodisiac, antitussive, sputum, complement, convergence effect. Sandalwoodincense can not only sterilize and disinfect, purify the air, but also drivePlague epidemic. Sandalwood for the efficacy of the mind is also a greatcontribution to the relaxation effect is excellent, point a plate of sandalwoodincense can soothe nerves and anxiety, more than the exciting effect ofsedation.


    Refreshing meditation, can give users amore peaceful and calm feeling. Sandalwood also has the function of anti-spasmand strengthening on the body, which can bring the feeling of relaxation andhappiness. When mucosal inflammation, sandalwood can relieve the disease, butalso stimulate the immune system to prevent bacterial re-infection. Veryhelpful for genitourinary system, can improve cystitis, with anti-inflammatoryeffect of clearing blood. Its unique aphrodisiac properties can dissipateanxiety and help to increase the romantic mood.


      Sandalwood infection of the chest, andaccompanied by bronchitis, pulmonary infection, sore throat, dry cough alsoeffective. It can also be used to treat the burning, and its convergence of thecharacteristics of diarrhea also help. Essentially, sandalwood is a balancedessential oil that is particularly beneficial to dry eczema and dry anddehydrated skin, making the skin soft and improving the itchy or inflamed skin.Its antibacterial effect is more effective in reducing acne and infection Thewound.


Sandalwoodmedicinal value

   Sandalwood is an ancient one. Mysterious rare species.Known as the "Sacred Tree" in the Religious Field: Known as the Treeof Lucky in Feng Shui, History. Known as a symbol of power and status. Royaltree "; in the modern market economy has been hailed as" the goldentree "; famous Hangzhou, China sandalwood fan is made of sandalwood.Gently shake, fragrance overflowing, but also. Fan store fragrance"features, save ten years eight still fragrant; into the closet, insectsants.


       Chinese medicine is divided into evil evil,real evil, thief evil, micro evil, evil and so on. Song Feng said that theepidemic of daily burning incense, luckily avoided the plague of harassment.Ancient times there are many "anti-epidemic medicine," produced by powderplaced in the bag, through the sense of smell to achieve disease preventionefficacy; Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud:"sandalwood Xin Wen, gas medicine also, into the spleen , The lungs on thespleen, lung, is conducive to the mediastinoscopy; Sandalwood red sandalwood,blood points medicine also, surgical treatment of swollen poison and knife Axcut, and Camp gas and swelling drug, treatment of sores.


      Sandalwoodbroken wood  and powder weight 30kg for apack, each package FOB price NT $ 19,900.0 yuan USD $ 686.20 yuan RMB 4,422.2yuan(1) Order up to 10 packs per pack FOB Price NT $ 17,910.0 yuan USD $ 617.58yuan RMB 3,980.0 yuan(2) Order up to 50 packs per pack FOB Price NT $ 15,920.0yuan USD $ 548.96 yuan RMB 3,537.7 yuan (3) Order up to 100 packs per pack FOBPrice NT $ 13,930.0 yuan USD $ 480.34 yuan RMB 3,095.5 yuan (4) Order up to 300packs per pack FOB Price NT $ 11,940.0 yuan USD $ 411.72 yuan RMB 2,653.3 yuan (5) Order up to 500 bags per pack FOBPrice NT $ 9,950.0 yuan USD $ 343.10 yuan RMB 2,211.1 yuan (6) Order up to1,000 packs per pack FOB Price NT $ 7,960.0 yuan USD $ 274.48 yuan RMB 1,768.8yuan.

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