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RoseVinegar Gift Box

We all know that women arevery like roses, they like roses, there is a certain reason. Rose, in additionto beautiful, the rose tea can beauty beauty, rose vinegar is sweet and sourdrink, but also has the beauty of beauty effect.


Rose vinegar, as the namesuggests is the use of roses as raw materials, through a number of fermentationprocess, some of the food and natural mineral water fermentation from a drink.Rose vinegar drink, the summer of the great drinks, roses of elegant flowers,with the healthy vinegar flavor, ice and cool reveals the rose petalsfragrance, a mouthful of drinking sweet and sour taste of happiness. Rose rosefrom natural roses, full of sweet aroma, rose vinegar from the natural grainbrewing rice vinegar, without adding any spices or chemical composition.


Rose vinegar nutritionalvalue, rose vinegar can promote metabolism, help digestion, regulatingphysiological function, beauty beauty, youth forever, reduce fatigue, morepeople radiant, vigorous, so that the skin looks younger. Rose vinegar effectand effect: lower blood pressure, conditioning stomach, beauty, whitening,appetizers digestion, detoxification detoxification, Ziyin Yin, improveimmunity, freckle.


In fact, nutrition, acidand alkaline food is not based on human taste or PH value to divide, butaccording to its chemical composition to distinguish, that is to say the foodin the body of the final formation of oxidative metabolites Division. If thefood is finally oxidized into K, NA, CA, MG and other cations, that is alkalinefood, and vice versa food is oxidized to O, S, P and other anions, it is calledacidic food.


But as long as you ofteneat rose rice vinegar, then you do not have to worry about this, because therose rice vinegar is not only rich in organic acids, but also a large number ofalkaline metal elements, it produced in the body after oxidation with cationicbasic compounds Can reduce the body fluids caused by acidification caused byatherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hyperuric acid and otherdiseases.


Europe and the UnitedStates after the five elements of medical science and then put forward thefirst six elements, this sixth element refers to the treatment of moderndisease mainly by regulating the human body fluid acid-base balance tocomplete. 


Rose vinegar can eliminatehuman fatigue. Because the body after intense physical exercise, the body willfeel very tired, this time the blood test PH value, can be reduced to 5.8 orso, to prove the existence of lactic acid, then consumption of brewing roserice vinegar is the most appropriate, because when the human body Into the rosevinegar in the acetic acid and organic acids, it can promote the formation ofcitric acid gluconic acid, into the tricarboxylic acid cycle, generate carbondioxide and water, reduce the body of lactic acid, thus eliminating thefatigue. Rose rice vinegar in the amino acids and volatile substances, canstimulate the brain center, improve digestive juice secretion, enhance digestivefunction.


Rose Vinegar Gift BoxCapacity: 375 ml * 2 in

Ingredients: roses,glutinous rice

To brewed glutinous ricebrewed vinegar for the base, soaked Puli Mountain City, the selection of highquality and safety of the rose, the rose unique fragrance and beneficialingredients complete release to the vinegar inside the brewing vinegar smoothmouth, rose fragrance; Natural mining roses, even after dilution of drinking,still fragrant, fragrant lasting, but also by female friends favorite drink.


Rose Vinegar Gift BoxCapacity: 375 ml * 2 into the product FOB offer $ 6 per box $ 6 per box(1)order 1 ~ 5 boxes per box US $ 192.0 yuan(2) order 6 ~ 10 boxes per box US $172.8 yuan(3) order 11 ~ 20 boxes per box US $ 153.6 yuan(4) order 21 ~ 50boxes per box US $ 134.4 yuan(5)order 51 ~ 100 boxes per box US $ 115.2 yuan(6) order 101 ~ 200 boxes per boxUS $ 96.0 yuan.

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