Red yeast rice wine soap

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  • Feature:Handmade
  • use:Bath Soap

Key Features

Redyeast rice wine soap

Redyeast rice wine soap 100g ± 5 / block

Naturalfungus contains 18 kinds of amino acids, to help antioxidant, improve dull,rice bran contains high agricultural degree of protein, vitamin B1, highvitamin A, D, E, K and important plant alcohol with cleaning effect, But alsohelp the metabolism and skin updates, saprophytic ginger mild moisturizing;enhance the skin self-repair ability, foam soft, wash is not tight, not dry,delicate foam can be completely covered with dirt, excess oil purpose, oldhorny, Prevent pore obstruction, and keep the skin's moisture, moisture andmeticulous.

Redyeast rice wine soap 100g market price of $ USD10.0 per box

(1)order 100 boxes per box USD $ 9.0

(2)order up to 300 boxes per box USD $ 8.0(3) order up to 500 boxes per box USD $7.0(4) Order up to 1,000 cartons per box USD $ 6.0(5) order up to 3,000 boxesper box USD $ 5.0

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