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Use suitable heatblisters feet or steam baths and baths to promote blood circulation, but noregimen of regulating Qi and relieving effect; incense on Meridian therapy andtherapy must use medicine acupuncture points of human body can help the bonesand blood recuperation, with feet or smoked Palm conduits to seek is themeridian line air conditioning.

 Then by with herbs required to with hascitronella, and AI grass, and Lotus, and Qi Li incense, and Apple Po, and roadroad pass, and shansuying, and medlar root, and nine Xiong, and five Jack Pine,and Caulis spatholobi, and cinnamon, and cocklebur, and Mint, and Salvia, andstone calamus, and PRIVET child, and Gan Song, and thorn five added, and bigleaves Jack pulled, and clay ox seven, and Tiger rod, and mountain yellow Zhi,how to deployment compound to help effect; this company by launched of bubblefeet dedicated incense late and smoked incense with incense Tower and the steambath herbs more will consider these ingredients.

 Vibrant feet bagFeet vitality package.

Ingredients: peach,and willows, livistona chinensis, Qi Li Xiang, pomegranate, sterculic,Lemongrass, gourd and bamboo, wormwood, nine clinical and polygonum cuspidatum,pandanus, chuanxiong, cinnamon, flemingia macrophylla, and other components.

Features: MeridianHealth feet.

Note: inedible, beansyndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, pregnantwomen do not apply.

 Usage: package2000cc water boil in accordance with individual temperature add cold water forabout 20 minutes, can BREW two per package, while sweating will make peoplefeel uncomfortable feeling. 

 Dynamic smell Reallyfragrant vitality

Ingredients: peach,and willows, livistona chinensis, Qi Li Xiang, pomegranate, sterculic, Lemongrass,gourd and bamboo, wormwood, nine clinical and polygonum cuspidatum, pandanus,chuanxiong, cinnamon, flemingia macrophylla, and other components.

 Features: MeridianHealth foot bath and incense, purification therapy to residential magneticfields, every 40 minutes.

Drawing mountainsand pavilions when the background, Xu view trademarks

Package:36 to 40minute aroma Tower  price: market priceper box of NT$ 450Yuan RMB 90 Yuan, China need to add air fees and tariffs andinland freight.

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< 1 > Usersconsuming less than 3000 Yuan, subsection e payment (domestic), and delivery ofcod, market prices will be 9 discount ~ the first bank.

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    Taiwan and China except

< 1 > Hong Kong,and Macau, and Malaysia, and Singapore, and Indonesia, and Viet Nam, andThailand, and Brunei, and United States, and Australia, and New Zealand, andAmerica, and United Kingdom, and France, and Germany and the other Europeanarea, and, and, and, and, and, and, Chinese district and the Taiwan and Chinaexcept area of users consumption not full 3000 Yuan (not containing emptyfreight and tariff and the clear shut fee), can enjoy market 9 folding offers ~the first Bank received single district.

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