Purple rice whitening cream

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Purple rice whitening cream

Purplerice whitening cream 50 ml / single cans

Ingredients:Purple rice extract, collagen, chamomile extract, ceramide, uronic acid,moisturizing factor


Purplerice is rich in natural polyphenols and anthocyanins, with a strong antioxidantcapacity, thereby delaying the aging of the skin, so that the skin back tonormal metabolic function, with a variety of precious nutrients, so that theskin bright and tender, smooth fine lines , Give the skin a new vitality, toavoid skin aging, often protect the skin supple and revitalize.


Suitablefor skin: general / medium / dry skin and dark skin.

Purplerice whitening cream 50 ml Market price per bottle USD $ 60.0 box six boxes

(1)order 1 ~ 5 boxes / 30 bottles per bottle USD $ 60.0 yuan(2) order up to 30bottles of USD $ 53.34 per bottle

(3)Order up to 60 bottles of USD $ 46.67 per bottle(4) Order up to 150 bottles ofUSD $ 43.34 per bottle(5) order up to 300 bottles of USD $ 40.0 per bottle

(6)Order up to 500 bottles of USD $ 36.67 per bottle.

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