Purple rice elastic moisturizing milk

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Purplerice elastic moisturizing milk

Purplerice elastic moisturizing milk 50 ml / single cans

Ingredients:Purple rice extract, extract of white extract, cucumber extract, licoriceextract, Moist24, ceramide, Hawaiian fruit oil, myrrh alcohol, uronic acid,allantoin. Take the right amount of full face to use, tap to fully absorb canbe.


Purplerice is rich in natural polyphenols and anthocyanins, with a strong antioxidantcapacity, thereby delaying the aging of the skin, and maintain the youthfulvitality of the skin; with a variety of precious nutrients and patentedcombination of moisturizing formula to maintain long-term moisturizingCharacteristics, can soothe and soothe the skin tightness discomfort, keep theskin elasticity, slow down the wrinkles, enhance the skin water barrier, tonourish the role of water lock, giving the skin a new vitality and the ultimatesupply of nutrients to accelerate compact.


Suitablefor skin: general, sensitive, dry, mixed skin. 

PurpleMilk Moisturizing Milk 50 ml Market price per bottle USD $ 50.0 box six boxes

(1)order 1 ~ 5 boxes / 30 bottles per bottle USD $ 50.0 yuan(2) order up to 30 bottlesof USD $ 43.34 per bottle(3) Order up to 60 bottles per bottle USD $ 36.67(4)Order up to 150 bottles of USD $ 33.34 per bottle

(5)Order up to 300 bottles of USD $ 31.67 per bottle(6) Order up to 500 bottles ofUSD $ 30.0 per bottle(7) Order up to 1,000 bottles of USD $ 28.34 per bottle.

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