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Static Qi AnBozhen new fragrance launch


[1]"Lishan basking mother", and "bucket basking Wallace" isTaoist < promise territories - congenital God >, in history in the manyactive State will phase more by its set-up as Tang fan, for its home when theyShi Feng work Albert by million people respect, to health Hou sale peopleincense worship will phase, many with he are has causes or early its doorpulse, and "Lishan basking mother Yin breaks by" and " Statue ofinnate and Qi Canon for the nine emperors "is reserved for peoplepracticing textbook, its door of compulsory lessons.

[2]"Lishan basking mother Yin breaks by" this Department by is"Lishan basking mother" students compulsory, "Xuan days Godgolden rule Canon" is "Xuan days God" students compulsory,, and"Guan Gong June sleep world Canon" is "Guan Gong June"students compulsory, also because he are by is responsible for cleanup roadworks, according to by pursues learn classic spirit and precepts, more is Trekin the Ming de broken bitter to Bank lamp, and "Xuan days God golden ruleCanon" more is net Qi nursing de parking dock guide needle.


[3]"Li Mu yin break" this was his protégé, in adaily ordeal NET zu compass can let your heart be fitted; "Mother Buddhabirth Qi Canon for the nine emperors" this Sutra is his student, in thesea of the sea can allow you to trek in the Park Guide.

[4]this formulation but also for "Li Mu Mu" NET when qi is with heart byheart, can help you NET Zu Tuifu and interference sources.

An Bozhenflavor components: livistona chinensis, hyacinth bamboo, arborvitae seed,Golden Shower Tree, Tung tree, Cypress, wood cast, root, trema, mount Brown,Snapdragon, blood smells and so on. Features: NET Jude and cleaning up, Yincharacter villain back and five ghost-ridden private.


 Stickincense foot-648cm/foot339cm),incense powder 600g40minute foot towerincense 300g price of NT$500 yuan

(1)  order 60kg/100 boxs FOB NT$ 350 yuan per unit,(2) order 180kg /300boxes FOB NT$ 300 yuan per unit,(3) order 300kg /500boxs FOB NT$ 250 yuan per unit,(4) order 600kg / 1000boxs FOB NT$ 200 yuan per unit

36intofoot tower incense price of NT$ FOB 300 yuan

(1)order100 boxs FOB NT$ 240 yuan per

unit,(2) order 300 boxsFOB NT$ 210 yuan per unit,(3) order 500 boxs  FOB NT$ 150 yuan per unit,(4) order 1000 boxs  FOB NT$125 yuan per unit

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