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  • Feature:Handmade
  • use:Bath Soap

Key Features

AsahiWatch  Company my soap

     The handmade soap is based on An LingZhenxiang 8%, the other is based on the natural part of soap without anychemical composition, you can wash from head to foot for the request, soap-typeto flower open for the pattern, so that purchasers can enjoy the fragrancemoisturizing Positive energy brings good luck, so named "my soap."


    Name: my soap Specifications: 100g

Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, sycamore, cassia twig, Yin ChenArtemisia, Shan Zhi, plantain, eggplant and other components.

Uses:Wash Yan / bath cleaning, suitable for all skin types

Usage:After rubbing, add water to the skin and rinse with water

Save:Please put in a cool dry place

Dateof manufacture: marked on the box Shelf life: three years

Note:If there is skin discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately


mysoap 100g market price of NT $ 200.0 per box USD $ 6.67 yuan  RMB 44.4 yuan

(1)  Order 100 boxes of NT $200.0 per box

USD$ 6.67 yuan RMB 44.4 yuan(2) Order up to 300 boxes of NT $ 180.0 per box USD $6.0 RMB 40.0 yuan(3) Order up to 500 boxes of NT $ 160.0 per box USD $ 5.33yuan  RMB 35.5 yuan(4) Order upto 1,000 boxes NT $ 140.0 per pack USD $ 4.67 yuan RMB 31.1 yuan(5) Order up to3,000 boxes NT $ 120.0 per pack USD $ 4.0 CNY RMB 26.6(6) order up to 5,000boxes per box NT $ 100.0 yuan USD $ 3.34 yuan  RMB 22.2 yuan(7) Order up to 10,000 boxes NT $ 80.0 per packUSD $ 2.67 yuan RMB 17.7 yuan(8) Order up to 30,000 boxes NT $ 70.0 per box USD$ 2.33 yuan  RMB 15.5 yuan.


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