Miracle of Luonan

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Nameof item: Miracle of Luonan

Mingweight: 120 public

ShuananMiracle Goods Number: 471534105102

Ruijo:Sorghum powder, Squash, Squash, Lactose

Storagedeadline: two years original field: Taiwan

  Cultural marking: (1) Heat quantity 21.7Daiko (2) Protein 0.4 Public (3) Fat 0.2 Public (4) Saturated fat 0.1 Public (5)Anti-fat fat 0 Public (6)

Sewagecompounds 4.4 Public (7) sugar 0.3 public (8) Sodium 1 mg.


Turmeric is mainly grown inSouth Asia, India, Indonesia, its roots and underground stems can be groundinto powder as a seasoning and natural pigment used. The curcumin content ofcurcumin in curcumin is about 2-6%, and curcumin includes curcumin andbisdemethoxycurcumin, the proportion of them in curcumin, and the other twocomponents. Followed by 80%, 18% and 2%.


Curcumin is the main sourceof turmeric, and as mentioned in the beginning, turmeric powder curcumin onlyaccounted for 2-6%, of which the most important active ingredient curcumin andonly accounted for about 80% of them. In the daily life of food, at presentonly curry will use turmeric, but the content of turmeric is not high. Theproblem is not only the content of such a simple, eat into the human body mustconsider the "absorption", a little medicine called"bio-availability" problem.


Sexual function: turmericflavor Xin, bitter, warm. The main function is to break the blood, qi. Turmericblood and blood stagnation, into the liver and spleen two, good broken liverand spleen by the blood stasis blood stasis function blood circulation, qipain. According to modern research reports, turmeric has an inhibitory effecton hepatitis virus, improve the role of liver lesions.


Turmeric has the role ofexcitement of the uterus, uterine paroxysmal contraction; can promoteanesthesia dog bile secretion, but the role of weak and lasting. Preliminaryscientific clinical data show that: turmeric or contribute to the immunesystem, anti-oxidation, prevention of cancer and other supportive role.


The nutritional value ofpumpkin seeds 1. Pumpkin seeds have a good role in killing schistosomiasislarvae, for mature adults, but also make it degeneration and reduce the numberof insects. For the schistosomiasis also have a certain therapeutic effect; 2.Pumpkin seeds are also effective flooding insects, and no toxicity and any sideeffects, suitable for the elderly, children with gangsterism and abdominal painfull of embolism, enterobiasis, , Hookworm and other patients have asignificant effect; 3. US study found that eating about 50 grams of pumpkinseeds per day, can effectively prevent and treat prostate disease, which is dueto the secretion of hormones in the prostate to rely on fatty acids, Rich infatty acids, can maintain good function of the prostate; contains the activeingredient can eliminate the initial swelling of prostatitis, as well as therole of prevention of prostate cancer; 4. Pumpkin seeds are rich in pantothenicacid, this material can ease the rest Angina, and the role of antihypertensive.


Preservation:to avoid direct sunlight, open the morning after eating as soon as possible.

Note 1 pregnant women, renal dysfunction, long-term use ofanticoagulant drugs should not eat.

2inside the box attached to the plastic spoon, when the food is finished, toavoid together into the tank (due to the high concentration of curcumin in thetank will decompose plastic products).


JiangNan miracle 120 grams / pot price: USD $ 20.0 yuan, 12 cans per box(1) order 1~ 5 boxes per pot USD $ 20.0 yuan

(2)order up to 10 boxes / 120 cans USD $ 18.0 per tank(3) order up to 25 cases /300 cans USD $ 16.0 per tank(4) Order up to 50 boxes / 600 cans USD $ 14.0 pertank(5) order up to 100 boxes / 1200 cans USD $ 12.0 per tank.

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