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  Lishan  Oolong tea

Lishan is located incentral Taiwan and started planting tea after 1970. Now Lishan tea productionareas include Longevity Hill Farm, Cui Feng, Cuilan, Wuling, Tianfu, Song Mao,Hong Hong, Snow Mountain, Baxian Mountain (Dayu tea area), elevation from 1200meters to 2300 meters Do not wait. Lishan alpine tea because of excellentquality, has long been synonymous with Taiwan's mountain tea.


Lishan is located in thenorthernmost tip of Nantou County, and Taichung County and Hualien Countyhandover, the mountain climate is particularly significant, produced by the tealeaves withered less due to the jerky and smelly feeling, which also formed apear tea much The main reason for the welcome There are distinctive features ofLishan Mountain tea produced in various places such as Fu Shoushan Farm, CuiFeng, Cuiluan, Wuling, Tianfu, Song Mao, Hong Xiang, Da Xue Shan andBaxianshan. Among them, the Shushan Mountain Farm, Wuling Farm, The mostrepresentative.


Lishan tea elevation (1)Cui Feng: 1600-2000 meters above sea level (2) Cuiluan North Line: 1700-1900meters above sea level (3) Cuilan south line: 1500-1700 meters above sea level(4) Cuiluan tribe: elevation 1450- 1650 meters (5) Wuling: 1800-2000 metersabove sea level (6) Tianfu: 1800-2100 meters above sea level (7) Song Mao: 1600meters above sea level (8) Hong Xiang: 1350-1600 meters above sea level SnowMountain: 1,300 meters above sea level (10) Baxian Mountain: 1,200 meters abovesea level.

 Lishan tea from 1600 metersabove sea level to 2500 meters, usually the higher the more expensive. Inrecent years, the cheapest wholesale   Lishan  tea prices, about 1300 yuan a pound. This isthe spring hand picking tea, winter tea will be more expensive. Below 1300yuan, unless it is autumn tea, rainy days, or do bad tea have this price. In2012 and 2013 the current situation, hand mining, pear spring tea wholesaleprice, the minimum about 1,600 yuan. This is the secondary wholesale price Oh.Due to less output, high prices, the market price Lishan often more than 4,000yuan.

Lishan tea is usually madeof semi-fermented tea, which is commonly known as oolong tea. Generallyflattened oolong tea fermentation 30 ~ 60%, alpine tea is between 15% ~ 35%,usually the higher the altitude the lighter the degree of fermentation done.More fermentation more tea color will be deeper. Many people think that pearmountain tea is green tea, mainly because of the high elevation of LishanMountain. To demonstrate the mountain charm of tea, it will try its best to uselight ferment so taste and soup color will be like green tea.

Lishan Oolong Tea 150gMarket Price US $ 55.0 / pack (1) Quantity 1 ~ 50 packs US $ 55.0 (2) Quantity51 ~ 100 packs US $ 49.50 (3) Order Quantity 101 ~ 300 pack US $ 44.0 per pack(4) Order Quantity 301 ~ 500 packs US $ 38.5 per pack (5) Order Quantity 501 ~1000 packs US $ 27.50 per pack.


 Lishan Oolong Tea 75g Market Price US $ 30.0 /pack (1) Quantity 100 pack US $ 27.0 each pack (2) Quantity 300 pack US $ 24.0each pack (3) Order quantity 500 pack US $ 21.0 each pack (4) Order Quantity1,000 packs US $ 18.0 per pack (5) Order Quantity 3,000 packs US $ 15.0 perpack.

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