Jinlan Oolong tea 150g

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  • Type:Oolong Tea

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Jinlan Oolong tea

Jinlan Oolong tea Jinlan species Oolong Fang called gold Oolong for the four seasonsspring and green heart oolong hybrid, is a special kind of oolong, the firstbubble with elegant flowers (like the four seasons but the spring than the fourseasons) Fragrance for the Oolong fruit, at the same time there are fourseasons fragrance and oolong throat rhyme, like the simple and elegantreference!

Jinlan Oolong tea tree(gold oolong), leaves with the general tea is not the same, Jinlan Oolong tea willhave a golden yellow lines.

Jinlan Oolong tea 150g Theprice per US $ 13.34 per package

(1) Order Quantity 1 ~ 50packs US $ 12.0 per pack (2) Order Quantity 51 ~ 100 packs US $ 10.67 per pack(3) Order Quantity 101 ~ 300 Packs US $ 9.34 per package (4) Order Quantity 301~ 500 packs per package US $ 8.0 (5) Order Quantity 501 ~ 1000 packs US $ 6.67per pack.

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