[Hemei Town Farmers Association] Musk bean curd

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[Hemei Town FarmersAssociation] Musk bean curd

    Net weight: 420g/can solid amount: 300g/can

     The production process of fermentedbean curd production is an ancient technique. "Wake Garden Record"contains: "Dried bean curd (preserved fermented bean curd): The tofu wascut into cubes, salted for three or four days, dried for two days, and steamedin the steamer. To a very familiar, out of the sun, and the flour sauce, alittle wine, covered in the sun or add a small anise and sun better."Beancurd is a secondary processed bean product. Soybeans were first ground intomilk and then gypsum was added. After stirring, solid and pressed, hard tofuwas prepared. After the surface was dried, it was reprocessed into fermentedbean curd. There are two methods for secondary processing:

   1.Use soybean meal or soybean rice bran: soybeans, rice, etc. are cooked and cooled to make oysters; soybean curd is mixedwith soybean meal after salting.


  2.Inoculation of mucormycosis: Inoculate thesurface of the dried bean curd inoculum mold into moldy tofu, then soaked insalt water, add seasoning into. Uses Bean curd milk can be eaten directlyor used as a seasoning during cooking. Most of the methods of directconsumption are used to clear porridge. As for condiments, when TaiwaneseChinese, especially Hakka people, fry vegetables with hard texture, such as“chicken fried chicken intestines”, they will be added to soy bean curd tofuand boiled; the famous dish for using fermented bean curd in Cantonese cuisineis “Southern. "Milk ribs", "Spicy silk fried rice with fermentedbean curd", "Southern peanut milk" in Shunde, etc.;"Southern breast milk" is also included in Sichuan cuisine; andfermented bean curd with added spices such as cloves and dried tangerine peelare also commonly used in Yunnan Xiaochao; Hunan cuisine has "Sufu WinterBamboo Shoots."


    The fermented bean curd can also be used asa sauce. Taiwan's "mutton cooker" and the Cantonese dish "bambooand bamboo lamb" are commonly used in the fermented bean curd sauce-basedsauce. It is used to treat chewy chunks of lamb. During the Ming dynasty, beancurd was introduced into the Ryukyu, and after localization, it was convertedinto rice bran and awamori (a kind of distilled rice wine). It was called tofu(), and it was also made from red yeast. In the era of the RyukyuKingdom, it was an exclusive food for the royal family and high officials. Itis still a famous dish of Okinawan cuisine today. With the exception ofOkinawa, Vietnam also has such foods, while Korea does not. Japan only sellsthem at Chinese restaurants.

The fermented beancurd is a high-sodium food (3675 mg/100 g) but is rich in vitamin A (31.8RE/100 g).




     Precautions:Adhering to ancientbrewing without added preservatives

This product containsnon-genetically modified soybeans for soy products. For those with specialphysique or allergies, please avoid it.

Product ID:4714100070103

Place of Origin:Taiwan

This product isinsured Shinko Insurance 10 million

     Ngredients: Soybean (not geneticallymodified), water, brown rice, salt, sugar, food grade alcohol, coagulant fortofu, tofu quality improver, sweetener, edible (red 40, blue 1, red 7) pigment.

    NutritionLabel: Each serving (10g) (per 100g) This package contains 42 servings

  Heat 19.1 kcal190.7 kcal

  Protein 0.8 g8.3 g

  Fat 0.6 grams5.5 grams

  Saturated fat 0.2 grams 2.3 grams

   Transfat 0.0 grams 0.0 grams

  Carbohydrates2.7 grams 27.0 grams

   Sugar1.9 grams 18.6 grams

  Sodium 371 mg3710.0g

Preservation period:2 years


Product FOB quoteUSD$ 5.86 yuan per can 20 cans per carton(1) Order 100 cans for US$ 5.86 yuan percan(2) Order 300 cans of US$ 5.27 yuan per can(3) Order 500 cans for US$ 4.68 yuanper can(4) Order 1,000 cans of US$ 4.10 yuan per can

(5) Order 3,000 cansfor US$ 3.51 yuan  per can

(6) Order 5,000 cansfor US$ 2.93 yuan per can.

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