Helping fate really fragrant 2 hour coil incense

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RIMreally like 2 hours micro disk

Edgedrawing used in delicious Queen of heaven Tian Zun, Xu view trademarks


Writing verse the hiddencity clear all

 MU-de margin of his divine grace open

   Figure document to "bucket baskingWallace" tie poetry, body miscellaneous gas requests "to hid KingBodhisattva" help of causal industry force, and "Cheng Huang statueGod" help back shouldn't has outside spirit interference, and "bucketbasking Wallace" to help adjustable gas, help he are to help all goodsolutions troubled; more to thanks he are of blessed and added holding, bathingits de, let you back clear miscellaneous gas body good margin and good marginhelp you opened good margin road.

Ingredients:Guanzhong, Ma Chahua, shansuying, and half Lotus, cinnamon, sterculic andMagnolia, licorice, and my art and the dark art, Woody, sandalwood powder morethan more than more than 30 kinds of plant shoots, leaf ground.


Function:purification incense, and Meridian therapy.

 Weight withpacking: sweet / Jakin, 3 Hours Club Gong Xiang, 40 Minutes Fragrant incenseTower half a catty of loaded, hold price: NT 600 Yuan renminbi 120 Yuan; 24Into incense Tower   Price: NT $ 300 million 60 ;2 hoursmicro-plate price: NT $ 400 million 80 Yuan.

Taiwanordered (1) delivery cod (2) credit card online credit card (3) Taiwan offshoreislands Kinmen and Penghu by Pelican service subscription below 1500 Yuan percontainer freight plus 300 Yuan (4) Taiwan small Ryukyu Islands by the postalservice.


Freight< 1 > Post Office sent to the island to order less than 1000 Yuan plusparcel costs 80 Yuan; Post Office sent to the outlying islands to order lessthan 1500 Yuan plus parcel costs 300 Yuan < 2 > freight transport to theisland ordered less than 1000 Yuan plus shipping costs 80 Yuan Freighttransport Islands ordered less than 1500 plus shipping costs 300 Yuan < 3 >delivery delivery of the island ordered less than 1000 Yuan plus shipping costs80 Yuan; delivery delivery of outlying islands to order less than 1500 Yuan,plus freight costs 300 Yuan.

  Taiwan area shopping cart:

< 1 >Users consuming less than 3000 Yuan, subsection e payment (domestic), anddelivery of cod, market prices will be 9 discount ~ the first bank.

Chinacross-border < first bank received micro-credit money - third-party payment > has opened a shopping cart, see the Web site http://www.syuguan.com searchanother site http://syuguan.en.taiwantrade.comand http://syuguan.idealez.com< paypal, tenpay, cup card > scheduled 2016/09/20 Opened after theshopping cart, online shoppers delivered by air freight and inland freightlogistics (Wanda, SF ) delivery borne by shoppers, and other related duties ormail to tax by the shoppers themselves.


  Taiwan and China except

< 1 >Hong Kong, and Macau, and Malaysia, and Singapore, and Indonesia, and Viet Nam,and Thailand, and Brunei, and United States, and Australia, and New Zealand,and America, and United Kingdom, and France, and Germany and the other Europeanarea, and, and, and, and, and, and, Chinese district and the Taiwan and Chinaexcept area of users consumption not full 3000 Yuan (not containing emptyfreight and tariff and the clear shut fee), can enjoy market 9 folding offers ~the first Bank received single district


2   Asahi views of friends, view shopping networkAsahi, Asahi view shopping, Xu Outlook Exchange platform, Lin Shiming Facebookfan, interactive communities, credit card fax mail order credit card can enjoythe market price 8 discount ~ the Chinatrust Commercial Bank acquiring.(Excluding shipping charges and tariffs and customs fees).


Xuview website:http://www.syuguan.com and http://syuguan.en.taiwantrade.com  


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