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ASAHIWATCH  COMPANY  Happy soap 125g

    Thehandmade soap is to provide 8% of herbal citronella, hibiscus, wormwood,cinnamon leaf, mint, eucalyptus, strawberry, leaf, willow, peach and otheringredients used in steam baths in Taiwan. Others are natural  Thesoap base part does not have any chemical composition, and can be made from theface wash to the foot liquid soap as a solid. The soap type has a square shape,so that the purchaser can enjoy the positive energy brought by moisturizing andbring good luck, so the name "Happy Soap".


   Hibiscus flowers have heat and coolingeffect, swelling and pus and other effects, suitable for enthusiasm, sorecarbuncle, chyle and lung hyperactivity cough, tuberculosis and otherillnesses; can also be used for blood heat caused by uterine bleeding, oftenwith the Lotus pot shell use. Hibiscus leaf and flower function similar to thegeneral for external use, can be swelling and pain, suitable for enthusiasm,hemorrhoids, carbuncle swollen, hot water burns and hip injection caused by themasses do not eliminate embolism.

       10 effects of mint 1 mint can beanti-inflammatory pain 2 mint can be repellent itching 3 mint can beantipyretic 4 mint can be effective anti-inflammatory 5 mint can be ventilatedthroat 6 mint can be spleen liver 7 mint can be tasted 8 mint Can improve sleep9 mint can beauty skin care 10 mint can be fresh breath.

   Each part of cinnamon can be used for medicine. The bark is alsocommonly known as cinnamon. It is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, alsoused as a seasoning. It has the effects of dispelling the wind and promotingthe stomach, promoting blood circulation, and dispelling cold; Among them, fourorgans: heart, liver, spleen, and kidney; branches can sweat and drive thewind, through the meridians, see Guizhi items.

      In traditional Chinese medicine, Yangliu also has manyeffects. Liuye Gong with catkins, it is rich in tannins, there is heat anddetoxification, Lishi swelling effect. Shuijianbi can treat upper respiratorytract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystitis, mumps, and pharyngitis. Thesmashed topical treatment can treat heel pain. Switchgrass: Switchgrass is atraditional bone-injured drug. Shuijianbi can treat coronary heart disease,chronic bronchitis, urinary tract infections, burns, etc. Decoction andfumigation is effective for rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis. Liu Gen: It canrelieve dampness, relieve swelling, relieve pain, and treat diseases such ascradle cap, toothache, otitis media, and jaundice. It has better hurricane,swelling, and pain relief. Willow skin: In addition to bright eyesight, heathurricane, decoction fumigation can still treat chronic diseases.

    Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acid, lemongrass, hibiscus, wormwood,cinnamon leaf, mint, eucalyptus, strawberry stem, leaflet, willow leaf, peachwood, etc.


Uses:Cleansing/bathing for all skin types

 Usage:Apply water, rub it, apply it to skin and rinse off with clean water

 Savemethod: Please put in a cool dry place

Dateof manufacture: marked on the box Shelf life: 3 years

Precautions:If you have skin discomfort after use, please immediately disable


HappySoap 125g Market Price NT$450.0 yuan/Box  US$15.0 yuan RMB 100.0 yuan (1) Order 100 Boxes NT$450.0  yuan  USD$15.0yuan  RMB 100.0 yuan  (2) Order up to 300 boxes  NT$405.0 yuan/Box  USD$13.50 yuan RMB90.0 yuan  (3) Order up to 500 boxesNT$360.0 yuan  per box  USD$12.0 yuan RMB 80.0  yuan  (4) Order up to 1,000 boxes

NT$315.0  yuan per box  USD$ 10.50 yuan RMB 70.0 yuan  (5) Order up to 3,000 boxes NT$ 270.0  yuan per box  USD$ 9.0  yuan RMB 60.0  yuan (6) Order up to 5,000 boxes NT$ 225.0 yuanper box  USD$ 7.50 yuan  RMB 50.0  yuan (7) Order up to 10,000 boxes NT$ 180.0yuan  per box  USD$ 6.0 Yuan  RMB 40.0 Yuan (8) Order up to 30,000 boxes NT$157.0 yuan per box  USD$ 5.25 Yuan  RMB 35.0 Yuan.

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