Glucose amine solution

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Glucose amine solution

Glucoseamine (third generation) glucosamine, pineapple enzyme, collagen, chondroitin

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Glucosamineand Chondroitin are all substances that can be synthesized by the human body.They are originally found in cartilage and other connective tissues. However,With the aging of the human body, glucosamine (Glucosamine) and chondroitin(Chondroitin) synthesis rate gradually can not keep up the decomposition rate,affecting the metabolism of intracellular cells, making the joints appearstiff, inflammatory and pain intolerable symptoms.


     Initially, it was found by Europeanresearch institutions that supplemented Glucosamine to stimulate chondrocyteproduction of Collagen and Proteoglycan to repair damaged cartilage, Liquidimportant components to form, improve joint degeneration, friction andinflammation, but also can help normalize the metabolism of joints, improve thefunction of joint activities. This great discovery prompted the doctors toapply glucosamine (Glucosamine) to the symptoms of the body's arthritis, theresults found surprisingly good, and therefore glucosamine (Glucosamine) hasbecome in recent years, suffering from arthritis in the elderly And excessiveathletes must supply the holy goods.

Glucosamine(Glucosamine), coupled with chondroitin (Chondroitin), will producecomplementary effects. Chondroitin (Chondroitin) concentrated in the articularcartilage, can make the chondrocytes to maintain enough water to achieve therole of buffer, lubrication. And by the need to build cartilage collagenrequired to promote the gradual loss of cartilage to get new life. Therefore,glucosamine (Glucosamine) and chondroitin (Chondroitin) and the use of twocomponents, not only can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, in some casescan even cure disturbing arthritis. In short, the role of Glucosamine andChondroitin is to maintain the health of cartilage, to keep the synovial fluidin the proper position, and to strengthen the normal metabolism of the jointsto prevent the abnormal decomposition of cartilage tissue The Can promote thechondrocytes to maintain water and viscosity, and then let the joints I bufferand reduce the damage, glucosamine can help chondrocytes generate collagen andproteoglycan and promote cartilage tissue newborn, can also reduce the damageof joints and cartilage.


    Lin Nong Nong Glucosamine solution (thirdgeneration) 960ml per pot market price USD $ 45.0, six boxes per box

(1)order 1 ~ 5 boxes per pot USD $ 45.0 yuan(2) order up to 10 boxes / 60 cans USD$ 40.5 per tank(3) order up to 25 boxes / 150 cans USD $ 36.0 per pot

(4)order up to 50 boxes / 300 cans USD $ 31.5 per pot(5) Order up to 500 cans USD$ 27.0 per tank(6) Order up to 1,000 cans USD $ 22.5 per tank.

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