Four seasons honey tea 75g

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  • Type:Black Tea
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Fourseasons honey tea

   Mingjianxiang old pine Pine Ridge, gossip andSouth-side elevation of about 500 meters, average temperature is slightlyhigher, the remaining conditions are very suitable for growing tea. Due togeographic conditions superior, full district of soil belongs to red soil fortea growth, and often thick fog diffuse, since Qing dynasty period thatintroduced tea planting, day rule period has extended to quite scale, Republic64 years Chiang Ching-kuo Mr inspections pine Ling tea zhiyu, felt tea incenseYu fragrance not lost frozen top tea, special will local by produced of teanamed for "pine long green tea", from tea name a life, popular bothat home and abroad, business tea technology constantly update diligence alsofor full Taiwan of leader. Tea production volume can be called the nationalCrown, is the most populated area tea gardens, its unique terraced terrain,climate and red soil made the most suitable environment for planting tea.


    Jin Xuan tea (tea 2 7 ) (farmers on a pilotline number 2027 number two after 27 ) still uses the official name high tea ofuniversality, 12th or common name Jin Xuan. For tea 12 , tree-shapedcross-shaped, oval, AIDS sweet, bitter sweet, floral aroma with a creamy, lowtemperature has obviously sugar sweet. Because of its quality


Four Seasons honey blacktea - full fermentation of the cable-like black tea, tea color was amber brightred, tea with sweet honey flavor, the beginning of the throat will be a touchof quiet honey (tea withered rubbing the key), taste smooth and smooth , Withtea red, theaflavin, excellent effect on the health care, but also in recentyears to actively promote the tea varieties of tea.

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