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  • Feature:Herbal
  • use:Bath Soap

Key Features

nergyExperience A499 Package -2

     Breathable 100g handmade soap 1 box +refreshing 15g foam foot package 2 bags + vitality 15g foam foot package 2 bags

 < 1 >Bodily Purity 100g Handmade Soap New Ingredients: Lemongrass, Artemisia,Hibiscus, Hieroglyphics, Taomu, Cinnamomum camphora, Qili Xiang, Pheasant,Pomegranate, Abel, , Tea powder, lanolin, glycerin and other components.

 Uses:Bath body and face clean.

Isbased on the bland purification powder incense powder handmade soap, takinginto account the effect of net body Welcome all users to order orders, thePalace ordered 100g sent tour operators and incense Kashii incense for thegift.

Themarket price of NT 150 yuan (RMB 33.34 yuan, USD $ 5.0 yuan).

 < 2 >Refreshing 15g foam foot bag, pack per unit price of NT 120 yuan (26.67 yuan,USD $ 4.0)


   Foot bath is also stressful, first of all,to keep the temperature of the foot bath water is slightly higher than thehuman body temperature, not more than 38 degrees Celsius. Second, the foot bathtime depends on the age. For the elderly, the general bubble 20 minutes isappropriate, but the elderly with low blood pressure, frail elderly people, 20minutes a day is sufficient to prevent too long bubble feet cause vasodilation,resulting in lower blood pressure. For children, because their skin is moredelicate, so the best foot bath should not exceed 10 minutes. The young peoplesoak 15 minutes a day on it. In addition, the bubble water can not be toolight, at least not over the foot, of course, even with the calf bubble, theeffect will be better. Foam foot to the heart of the elderly has a very goodbenefit. Not only can increase cardiovascular flow, but also make the bodyaccelerate blood circulation. In addition, foot bath to speed up the bloodcirculation, sweating, not only to relieve fatigue, but also to make certaintoxins with sweat discharged.


All ingredients: Pearl , Polygonumcuspidatum, Panax notoginseng, school shell thorn, Kushiro vine, cat mustard,yellow cane, Xianfengcao, immortality, red leaves Extension grass, cocklebur,Tribulus terrestris, , Rhizoma Imperatae, Diabetes grass, cattle seven, top tenmerit and other components.

    Function:health bubble feet.


How to use: Please use2000cc cold water for each bag to boil. Add appropriate amount of cold wateraccording to your personal body temperature.


< 3 >vitality 15g foam foot bag, pack per unit price of NT 90 yuan (20.0 yuan, USD $3.0)

    This product combines the combination ofsteam bath herbs and bodily cleanup and human energy magnetic field conversion,health multi-functional materials, so named vitality.


Ingredients:Taomu, Willow, Pusa, Qi Li Xiang, pomegranate, pompon, lemongrass, emu,Notopterygium, Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidatum, Cinnamon, Chuanxiong, cinnamon, bigleaves Chienjin, Oolong tea, Acanthopanax, Salvia and other components.

 Function:Meridian health bubble feet.

Howto use: Please use 2000cc cold water for each bag to boil. Add appropriateamount of cold water according to your personal body temperature. It isrecommended that the volume of water is soaked in the calf. Make a smooth bloodcirculation through the acupuncture points at the foot for about 20 minutes tomake blood circulation more comfortable. The feeling that each bag can bebrewed twice.

Mattersneeding attention: inedible, fescue, hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia,pregnant women do not apply.


Theproject each set.

[1]Product experience in Taiwan NT $ 499.0 yuan (USD $ 16.63) Free shipping;

[2]Vietnam, Cambodia + shipping NT $ 250.0 (USD $ 8.34) with customs clearance;

[3]Other Asian EMS + shipping NT $ 450.0 yuan (USD $ 15.0);

[4]North America, Oceania, Europe EMS + shipping NT $ 720.0 (USD $ 24.0);

[5]Central and South America, Africa EMS + shipping NT $ 750.0 yuan (USD $ 25.0yuan)

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