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< 1 > Sweettext verse gathered would also like to

     Essential herbal incense

     This company incense products based sincenatural plant and herbs phase combined, according to each productscharacteristics respectively give different requirements and added differentformula, incense mob natural plant of gas let all < would also like to >purchase and people knot good margin Shi, can shared natural and with incensequality joy; from to of essence Materia Medica natural of gas for into smokedincense, through Meridian convey and draw herb of gas.

< 2 >Mountain building, Lemongrass, pomegranate, Qi Li Xiang

     Mountain is the Taiwan Central scenic sincethe Qing dynasty, is also named in the mountains, flowers and trees is derivedfrom natural gas, in its drug with Yang to help the body, while gossip also hasthe gossip how to improve the clear mountain and match, you see everyone how toregulate qi with the help of natural gas of plants.

  < 3 > Hemeidaodong Academy 

     Hemeidaodong Academy was established inQing dynasty Xianfeng 1857 year is Taiwan Changhua area in Qing dynasty famousAcademy and early Chinese book House passed to descendants of historicalmonuments, but also causing people to brush up on the history of myhometown.    

  This product features a hot mix into naturalplant fragrance, if you (your) burns can substitute paper or clothes and pantsto try, when incense was incense or Fragrant incense Tower and rings (incensecoil) and Gong Xiang after it burns to ashes did not burn when breaking theabove, which means do not burn.


This let templewithin staff received incense Shi can not by Burns, and pilgrims and letter allfor fear was Burns so plug incense will order to Lee which, dang buy incense toTemple and people knot good margin let people said words Shi and let peopleThanksgiving, also maintained has temple with incense environment and notinjury people eye nasal enjoys cheap incense products another a benefits, homein the with incense also can feel natural incense products.

 Ingredients:walnut, and willows, Lemongrass, and Qi Li Xiang, and cinnamon, nine Xiong,Guizhi, pomegranate, cypress wood more than more than more than 20 kinds ofplants, such as branches, leaf ground.

 Function:worship and ancestor worship, Meridian Health smoking therapy.

Weight withpacking: the sweet feet 6, and3 hour plum Gong Xiang,6 hour plum Gong Xiang,and8 hour spiral Gong Xiang, and12 hour spiral Gong Xiang /8 . Price: per kg /box price NT$ 200 Yuan RMB 48 Yuan, not included in the prices for the Taiwanmarket by air and China Customs and inland shipping.

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