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  • Type:Oolong Tea
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 Dayu Ling Oolong tea

    Dayu Ling is located in Hualien, Taichung,Nantou three county rendezvous, between Acacia Hill and Bi Lushan. Dayu Ling2565 meters above sea level, the old name of Hop Huan mouth, due to thedifficult obstacles when digging Dayu flood control, especially by thePresident Chiang Ching-kuo named as Dayu Ridge. Dayu Ling tea It can be saidthat the highest level of tea in Taiwan's tea, there are tea Friends calledDayu Ling tea mountain Taiwan, is one of the representatives of Taiwan'smountain camellia.


    Dayu Ling tea area, Green River in theCentral Cross Road, about 2600 meters above sea level, Songquan Gang and Rixinganggreat temperature difference between day and night in this area, thetemperature is often below 0 degrees in winter, the average annual temperatureof but also 20 degrees, which Species makes the growth of tea slow, only onespring and the end of autumn harvest each season, the production is relativelyscarce, the real price is not cheap Dayu Ling tea. Soil organic content ishigh, Dayu tea belongs to Taiwan's highest tea area elevation, surrounded byperennial clouds and the climate is cold, enveloped in snow throughout theyear, the winter snow and ice clothing, growth is not easy, only a harvesttwice a year, by the end of May, The end of September once; positive Dayu Linghigh cold tea in addition to less, its unique taste is one of the reasons itmakes an extraordinary worth, Dayu tea area temperature difference between dayand night, the soil is rich in organic matter, produced Dayu Ling tea Leafthick, pectin thick, clear frost, mountain gas weight, throat rhyme and othercharacteristics, and the taste is mellow, this unique flavor makes love teapeople rush. Due to the greenhouse effect, Taiwanese tea growers plantedhigher-quality oolong tea and gradually cultivated them in high-altitudemountain areas, creating better quality oolong tea than ever before.


Tea:The appearance of the tea hemispheres compact and uniform, high tea clarity andinclusions, tea color is very clear and shiny with a rich, with a long lastingspecial floral. After brewing, the tea color is light golden yellow; foliageLianyuan, soft leafy; aroma elegant, rich aftertaste, sweet taste.


    Dayu Ling Oolong Tea 150g Market Price US $65.0 per pack RMB 433.3 (1) Quantity 1 ~ 50 Packs per pack US $ 65.0 RMB 433.3(2) Quantity 51 ~ 100 packs US $ 58.50 per pack 390.0 (3) Order quantity 101 ~300 packs per pack US $ 52.0 yuan 346.6 yuan (4) order quantity 301 ~ 500 packsper pack US $ 45.5 yuan 303.3 yuan (5) order quantity 501 ~ 1000 packs per packUS $ 39.0 yuan 260.0 yuan.


    Dayu Ling Oolong Tea 75g Market Price US $35.0 RMB 233.3 (1) Quantity 100 Pack US $ 31.5 RMB 210.0 (2) Quantity 300 PackUS $ 28.0 RMB 186.6 (3) Quantity 500 Pack per pack US $ 24.5 RMB 163.3 (4)Order Quantity 1,000 pack US $ 21.0 RMB 140.0 (5) Order Quantity 3,000 packs US$ 17.5 RMB 116.6 per pack.

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