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       Coffee beans

   Gukengcoffee originated in Taiwan Yunlin County ancient Kengxiang Huashan area. Atthe time of the Tropic of Cancer on the ancient pits, sunshine and rainfall arevery abundant, produced by Taiwan's original species of coffee, sweet andfragrant and not bitter, since some of Taiwan's local flavor, the world's bestcoffee. Because the accident found that ancient ken regardless of climate, soilor drainage are quite suitable for planting coffee, Gukeng Township can be asmall number of places to produce high-level coffee. Gukeng coffee is arabicatype, because the baking, extraction methods and time and other places oforigin of coffee is different from the ancient kennel coffee has a specialflavor, known as the "Taiwanese coffee home."


 According to legend, the Qing dynasty came toTaiwan, accidentally discovered that Taiwan's climate, soil and othergeographical environment is very suitable for the cultivation of coffee suchagricultural products, especially in Yunlin County Gukeng Township to theground; the original Gukeng Township near the Tropic of Cancer, and Brazil Topcoffee growth environment similar to the production of coffee, sweet andfragrant, less bitter, more Taiwan local flavor, refined temperature alcohol,one of the world's best coffee products. Japanese style by the plannedplanting, has also become a Japanese royal drink, and therefore known as -"Gaby Mount" Taiwanese pronunciation, known at the time, spread sofar.

  Gabriel topcoffee beans Specification 227g / bag 12 bags per case,the market price of each bag USD $ 30.0 yuan (1) order ten boxes per box USD $340.0 yuan(2) Order $ 25.00 per box USD $ 320.0  yuan (3) order 50 boxes per box USD $ 300.0 yuan(4) order ahundred boxes per box USD $ 280.0 yuan(5) order two hundred and fifty boxes perbox USD $ 260.0 yuan.



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