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Champagne tea

Hong Taiwan Taiwan chop lacarte tea products used in the "species" of the green guava, commonlyknown as soil pull Aberdeen, after screening, the fruit will be shredded, andlow temperature dry packaging products without any additives, to retain thenatural mellow taste, Health without burden. Edible method: the hot water to brew,to be 2-3 minutes after the drink, can be repeated bubble. After the iced tastebetter. Can join the wolfberry or red dates, made of fruit tea drink, flavorbetter. Taste sweet and easy.

  Linxiang Townshipis the main origin of the whole soil, especially in the processing of fruitjuice, the research and development of fruit cut silk refined into the tea, noany additives. Champagne tea flavor sweet alcohol deeply loved by the people,and has been in 2004 the Republic of China fine food gold medal.

  natural no burden,if the tea and coffee caused by sleep problems, incense tea is another choice,it is the best drink of modern people love health care.

 Guava in Taiwan called theballet, is rich in vitamin C, especially the green peel part, while the balletseed blood. Is suitable for any body to eat good fruit, but also the bestweight loss fruit.

 Guava leaves with afragrant atmosphere, as long as the leaves on the removal of the hair, steamedafter the tea can do substitutes, after dinner two or two teeth cheekyfragrance, Hakka commonly used "often incense tea" is guava leaves doTaiwan, especially known as "pull tea", can cure diabetes. Guavasuitable for people with diabetes, soil and music than other improved varietiesof guava more effective, mainly due to natural growth, from fertilizers,pesticides and other pollution, dyeing effect is better.

 To soil-based barley-basedhypoglycemic prescription are: (a) with unaged soil Ballet fruit, leaves, oiloranges boiled water. (2) to dry the water or the pig with the pig's pancakesoup. (C) to the soil with the leaves of bamboo leaves more than 10 pieces ofJianshui.

 Guava treatment ofdiabetes, diarrhea, eliminate stagnation and other effects. In particular,contains iron, phosphorus, calcium is very much, you want to add iron, then eatthe best pomegranate even with the grocery seed slowly swallow  swallowed.


Fresh guava leaves boiledwater to wash your hair, can increase the hair of the black and bright, is thewilderness of the hair holy goods. If the skin eczema itch, take the rightamount of guava leaves, fried juice concentrate, several times a day, it can beitching. As for dysentery, enteritis, take dry leaves 5 money or fresh leaves 1two, decoction to slag, two to three times a day sub-service, can besignificantly improved.



Guava root with aconvergence, hemostatic effect, can cure toothache, stomach, abdominal pain,dysentery, have the effect of desire. As the saying goes, "the east willbe down the sun." In fact, not only to the east of the root, as long asthe guava root has the role of desire.


Lost kidney, cold peoplewho do not eat more guava, a small amount of food may wish. Often constipationshould not eat, guava leaves also known as "inverted medicine",multi-service may lead to impotence, should eat stop, do not eat every day fora while.


Champagne tea per pack 5g,100g / box Price per box USD $ 20.0 per box 12 boxes(1) order 1 ~ 5 boxes / 60boxes per box USD $ 20.0 yuan(2) order up to 150 boxes per box USD $ 18.0(3)order up to 300 boxes per box USD $ 16.0 yuan(4) order up to 600 boxes per boxUSD $ 14.0 yuan(5) order up to 1,200 boxes per dollar USD $ 12.0(6) order up to3,000 boxes per box USD $ 10.0yuan.


Champagne tea cans 150g /box Price per box USD $ 25.0 per box 12 boxes

(1)order 1 ~ 5 boxes / 60 boxes per box USD $ 25.0 yuan(2) order up to 150 boxesper box USD $ 23.0 yuan(3) order up to 300 boxes per box USD $ 21.0(4) order upto 600 boxes per box USD $ 18.0(5) order up to 1,200 boxes per box USD $ 15.0

(6)Order up to 3,000 boxes per box USD $ 12.0yuan.

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