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Brown sugar (English: brownsugar) is a common edible sugar, refers to not completely refined sugar, andsugar relative. Red sugar can keep the natural coke flavor of sucrose. Thesweetness of the brown sugar is lower than that of the sugar, but because thesweetness of the sweetness is not high, it can be used to prepare the beverageor make the West Point without affecting the original flavor of other materialsand has the effect of making the pastry texture fluffy. Red sugar often used inthe form of red sugar for the red coffee, or the use of dessert. Differentcolors of brown sugar will be dubbed a different name, lighter color is alsoknown as yellow sugar, darker, also known as brown sugar.


     Black sugar is sugar cane sugar process onthe first product, the general color is dark, was powder and more impurities,rich culinary nutrition; brown sugar again refined crystallization, made ofbrown sugar. Black sugar products are loquat black sugar, rose black sugar,sweet-scented osmanthus black sugar, longan red sugar, ginger black sugar,welcome to buy.

ProductsFOB offer < 1 > black sugar ginger juice 220G * 20 package into the< 2 > black sugar rose, black sugar longan red dates, black sugar herbsloquat 170G * 20 package, The shelf life is 1 year

(1)Order 1,000 packs per package US $ 2.34 (2) Order 3,000 packs per package US $2.0 (3) Order 5,000 packs per package US $ 1.67.

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