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Basil  plum

     Most modern people eat excessive intake ofacidic foods, making the blood viscosity, blood pressure, blood flow slowsdown, toxins also follow the retention of the body, which often feel tired,neurasthenia, decreased immunity, and then trigger a variety of cardiovascularDiseases, accelerated aging. The plum is a strong alkaline food, can neutralizeacidic foods, improve physical fitness, maintain health.


 Basil  plum  Ingredients: Basil leaf contains a largeamount of calcium, iron, potassium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), tobacco acid,phosphorus, thiamine (vitamin B1) and protein, is also rich in vitamins A and CSource, in addition, Basil  seeds containlarge amounts of calcium, tobacco acid, iron, thiamine and protein

      The  Basil  plum  in addition to green leaf species, there is ared leaf surface, this purple  Basil  plum , oftentaken together with plum pickled, in addition to dyeing and add flavor, butalso has a special effect. Cold water when drinking plum juice, can helpdistribute the table cold, improve sweating power. Eat too much fish, shrimpstomach uncomfortable, drinking purple plum juice, but also can help clearbowel detoxification.

 Basil  plum : A thorough selection of Basil leavesmade in Taiwan, marinated in the country of origin. Glycyrrhizin, raw naturalhealth zero burden, the exclusive dip of plum. The traditional method of work,sugar-free pickled, then basil leaves fully soaked. Will preserve the naturalflavor of Basil  plum , the naturalfragrance of glycol, but also the most unique flavor into the vegetables. Thereis also the same series of Taiwan plum lemon plum, plum , passion fruit plum,alishan tea plum, deer Valley tea plum, charcoal smoked plum, green tea plum.

 Basil-relatedfoods are: basil sauce, purple plum, Basil plum sauce, basil  oil, there

arepeople specializing in healthy and healthy basil ... and so on, of which plumis very popular, and Basil plum cooking is also very famous.

 < 1 >Basil   Rice Ball [Material] Pickled Basil 2,

Basilplum powder appro  priate, fresh basil leaves 2, rice amount

Method 1. Pickled plum pick the plum,spare. 2. Take a practice of 1 plum meat into rice and pinch into rice ball,and then sprinkled with Basil  plum  powder, and finally wrapped in a piece of fresh  Basil  leaf, the material weight can bepackaged into 2


< 2 >Basil  plum  sauce [material] red pepper 40g, purple plum200g

[Seasoning]plum wine 50CC, salt 1/2 teaspoon fine sugar 100g, cool water 100CC

[Practice]1. Remove the seeds of Basil  plum  (about 150g after the seeded); Wash red pepperto pedicle backup. 2. The practice of purple Basil  plum , red pepper and other materialstogether into the blender, hit about 10 seconds into a mashed bowl.


< 3 >plum Lu Cai [material] 400 grams of meat or fish,

Basil  plum 10, 10 grams of ginger, pepper 10 grams

SeasoningBasil  plum juice 3 tablespoons, 3 tablespoons soy sauce,

Finesugar 2 teaspoons, rice wine 2 tablespoons water 300CC

  [Practice] 1. Meat or fish cut into smallpieces; ginger slices, spare.

2.A little oil under the hot pot, with a small hot savory ginger, pepper, intothe plum meat, medium fire fry the surface whiten. 3. Then add the purple plum,and all seasonings, cover the pot to medium halogen torment about 30 minutes tomeat or fish cooked soft.


Basilplum 's soup, however, is the key to seasoning the stewed meat and the saltedplum soup provides more levels of marinade flavor.

ProductPrice: < 1 > Alishan Camellia, Deer Valley Chamei, Coconut Yuming, GuiErzi, Cranberry & Raisins 230g * 20 Pack < 2 > Spicy Olive 250g * 20Pack < 3 > Kumquat Lemon 240g * 20 Packed < 4 > Glycyrrhiza Olive 280g* 20 Packed < 5 > Luo Shenhua 180g * 20 Packed into < 6 > Papaya Dry100g * 20 Packed < 7 > Bromeliad Dry 200g * 20 Packed < 8 > Lemon Sheet90g * 20 pack, FOB price< 9 > plum powder 250G * 15 cans, the shelf life of1 year

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