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Bamboo steamer

Steamer (English: Mushiki,Food steamer) is a kind of traditional bamboo craft made of bamboo, round andcan overlap each other, usually used to steamed snacks of traditionalinstruments, is a traditional Cantonese handicrafts. Size from two inches totwo feet. By the outer ring, liner and bottom line composition.


The special productionprocess of the bamboo steamer is the crystallization of the wisdom of theworking people. It is an ancient folk art that is about to disappear. Itcontains several processes: (1) chopping bamboo, (2) breaking the bamboo, (3)(6) soften the bamboo into a steamer circle (note that the whole bamboo, sothat the steamer is very thick), (7) the bamboo is not broken, (8) the upperbeam, (9) through the lattice block, (10) the upper hole, (11) the preparationof the top of the cover of the bamboo mat, (12) Production of steamer cover,(13) correction, the completion of a set of steamer production takes about afew days time, the current craft of this artist has been very little.


The change in the color ofthe bamboo steamer is a natural process of the evolution of bamboo color. Withthe reflection of bamboo and water vapor, the bamboo's skin changes from bambooto brown, which is a gradual process of change. This is the same as hand bamboomat, the use of bamboo mat for many years is brown. But only with the skin ofbamboo will have such a change process, if it is removed the green skin, thecolor will slowly become dark with the use of time.


  Two-layer bamboo steamer (24cm X 24cm X 4cm)six sets of free shipping price US $ 150.0 welcome to order.


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