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  • use:Bath Soap
  • Feature:Handmade, Herbal

Key Features


Fortunesoap 125g a box of + prayer soap 100g a box of + tea soap 100g a box + vitalitysoap 100g a box

< 1 >Fortune soap

      Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, Chuanxiong powder, Abrasives,Scrophulariaceae, Acanthopanax, Rhodiola, benzoin, incense, sandalwood andother components.

      Fortunesoap 125g market price of $ $ 8.34 yuan per box 55.5 yuan.


< 2 >blessing soap

   Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, incense Cypress, Lin vote,Hibiscus, Mo grass, incense drop really, Nansong, Shannon Shannon, incensesucker oil powder and other components.

  Blessingsoap 100g market price of $ 6.67 yuan per box 44.4 yuan.


< 3 >Good tea handmade soap

    The handmade soap is based on pomegranate, nine Xiongnu, Li Xiang, five-leafpine, tea powder composition of 8%, the other is based on the natural soap basewithout any chemical components, you can wash from the ground to the foot ofthe request, Taiwan tea welcomed by international buyers The proportion of teapowder is high, soap type to harvest pattern for the purchaser to enjoy thepositive effect of tea moisture is good fortune named "tea handmadesoap."

      Name: Good handmade soap tea specifications: 100g

Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, incense pomegranate, nineXiang, Qilixiang, pine, tea powder and other components.

    Goodhandmade soap 100g tea market price of NT $ 250.0 per box USD $ 8.62 yuan 55.5yuan.


< 4 >New vitality soap

    The handmade soap is salvaged C3 ingredients 6% + 2% cypress powder, the otheris based on the natural soap base part of any chemical composition, you canwash to the foot for the request, soaps to thrive for the pattern, so thatpurchasers can enjoy Perfume nourishes positive energy to bring good luck, sonamed "vitality soap."

 Name: vitality soap specifications: 100g

Ingredients:coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, sage ape, Rattan, soil cattleseven, Chuanxiong, anise, tea, cypress powder and other components.

All items uses:Wash Yan / bath cleaning, suitable for all skin types

Usage:After rubbing, add water to the skin and rinse with water

Save:Please put in a cool dry place

Dateof manufacture: marked on the box Shelf life: three years

Note:If there is skin discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately


Vitalityhandmade soap 100g market price of NT $ 250.0 per box USD $ 8.34 yuan 55.5yuan.


The package price oforiginal FOB NT 950 yuan 211.1 yuan USD $ 32.75 In line with the new listingspecial promotion price NT 699 yuan 155.3 yuan USD $ 24.1 yuan(1) Order 100boxes per box FOB NT $ 699.0 USD USD $ 24.1 CNY 155.3 Yuan

(2)Order up to 300 boxes per pack FOB NT $ 629.0 USD USD $ 21.68 CNY 139.7 (3)Order up to 500 boxes per pack FOB NT $ 559.0 USD $ 19.27 CNY 124.2 (4) Box FOBNT $ 489.0 USD USD $ 16.87 USD 108.7 (5) Order 3,000 Boxes per pack FOB NT $419.0 USD $ 14.46 CNY 93.2 (6) Order Up to 5,000 Packs Per Pack FOB NT $ 384.0USD $ 13.24 yuan 85.3 yuan.


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