Anise tea incense cone incense 300g

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  • Material:Wood
  • cone incense:cone incense

Key Features

   Anise tea incense

  Ingredients: five leaves, Guizhi, ShanHuang gardenia, nine tea, Jiu Xiong, Qili incense, soil cattle seven, Malan,ten credit, Angelica, white mustard, 萆 薢, fennel, tea powder, cypress powder andother components.

 Function: The law will go beyond the owner.

Verse:the remains of tea

      Fennel power mustard

    The verse of the poet is forgotten toreturn home, to their own solar terms to resolve the grudge, need to be able toglorious return home.

     View of the town of Yilan County in TaiwanProvince Dongshan Township [Taoism Temple - Sanqing Gong] octagonal pavilionand Nantou County Zhushan town tea garden, in the Chinese cultural pavilionfriends and friends gather tea is mixed with the friendship and friendship inTaiwan because of misunderstanding need to mediate tea Reconciliation tea

    In addition to the combination of medicinalplants with their own functions, the circle is also invited not to be invitedto wait for a group of people, there is a group of people who are forgotten tobe forgotten by a group of people who are waiting for a group of people,Invite, with fennel on behalf of the wandering people do not forget to returnhome and go home double meaning, ten meritorious service more need to be ableto glorious return home.


Packing: feet 339cmstick incense / 600g, 3 hours  tribute incense/ 600g, powdered incense  / 600g, 40 minutes cone incense  / 300g



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