Alishan Oolong Tea / Haze Tea / Asahi Line Taiwan Spa Gift Box

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Alishan Oolong Tea / HazeTea / Asahi Line Taiwan Spa Gift Box

Alishan Oolong Tea 150g+ Qinglan Tea 3.5g20into a box + Luming Rice 300g a pack + vitality foot pack 15g6 pack + happy hotspring soap 125g + Fu Yun soap 125g a box + red glutinous rice vinegar maskeach group market price NT$ 3,799 yuan RMB 844.2 Yuan USD$131.0

 Alishan tea-producing area is locatedwithin 50 kilometers of the north and south sides of the Tropic of Cancer. Thealtitude is over 1000 meters. In addition to the cold flavor shared by alpinetea, Alishan tea also has different characteristics of other tea areas. Thereare often thick fogs in the Ali Mountains, which are covered by fog in themountains after two or three in the afternoon, causing the tea to grow slowlyand the leaves to grow thick. The local oolong tea is more gelatinous and morefat than the flat, so it is more sweet to drink, sweet and smooth, and smootherinto the throat.


       The whole ingredients of Haze Tea are:verbena, chrysanthemum, scutellaria, camphor, mulberry leaves, medlar leaves,and old tea. Combining Chinese herbal tea with Western flower tea and TaiwanOolong old tea, it makes people feel refreshed and diversified, and it isanother new choice for health tea.


        There is a rice in the elite - Luming rice,the appearance of rice grain is perfect and clear, the rice is shiny, the tasteis sticky and delicious, and the excellent taste value can be described as -rice in the elite. Taiwanese rice quality does not lose to Japan, Tainan No. 16Luming rice grain has high transparency, and the appearance quality is as highas 95% similar to Koshihikami. It is more delicious because it is moreadaptable to Taiwanese terroir, and Koshihikari is crystal-clear. The taste issticky Q, and the glutinous rice of Taichung 194 is more slender and has thescent of Indian shamrock.


        Vitality foot bag Ingredients: mahogany,switchgrass, palmetto, thyme, pomegranate, apple, citronella, cucurbit,wormwood, scorpion, scorpion, forest, Sichuan, cinnamon, big leaf and so on.Function: Meridian health foot bath.


This handmade soap is used to provide 8% ofherbal citronella, hibiscus, wormwood, cinnamon leaves, peppermint, eucalyptusleaves, buddha leaves, palmetto leaves, willow leaves, peach and otheringredients used in Taiwan's hot spring steam bath. The soap base has nochemical composition. It can be used as a solid from the face wash to theliquid soap. The soap type is square, so that the purchaser can enjoy the goodenergy and bring good luck. Therefore, it is named "Happy Soap".


       Fuyun soap ingredients: coconut oil, palmoil, castor oil, amino acid, fragrant powder Chuanxiong, Mopancao,Scrophulariaceae, Acanthopanax, Rhodiola, benzoin, agarwood, sandalwood and soon. Uses: cleansing / bath cleaning, suitable for all skin types. Use: addwater to the sputum, apply to the skin and rinse with water.


      Red glutinous rice vinegar mask: The main rawmaterial of rice vinegar is rice. The "Compendium of Materia Medica"records the efficacy of vinegar: "Vinegar can reduce swelling, kill evilspirits, and treat various medicines." Rice vinegar contains variousvitamins, rich amino acids, organic acids and acetic acid bacteria. Ricevinegar contains various vitamins, rich amino acids, organic acids and aceticacid bacteria, which can promote skin metabolism, improve skin roughness andmake skin more white and bright. 


(1) Order quantity1~50 boxes NT$ 3,799 per box RMB 844.2 USD USD 131.0

(2) Order quantity51~100 boxes NT$3,419 yuan 759.8 yuan USD$117.9 yuan

 (3) Order quantity 101~300 boxes NT$3,039 yuan675.4 yuan USD$ 104.79 yuan

 (4) Order quantity 301~500 Box NT$2,659 yuanRMB 590.8 USDUSD 91.7 yuan

 (5) Order quantity 501~1,000 boxes NT$2,279yuan 506.5 yuan USD$ 78.59 yuan

(6) Order quantity1,001~3,000 boxes NT$1,899 RMB 422.1 yuan per box Yuan USD$65.5 yuan

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